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Zoo Planet

Zoo Planet

KIKA GROUP has established a new chain of 43 specialized pet shops in Estonia called ZOO PLANET.

The concept of ZOO PLANET is to be a prestigious pet shop that offers pets for sale as well as a wide variety of branded Super Premium and Premium products. Products prices are suitable for various segments of customers.

Various pets (birds, rodents, fish for aquariums) and all the modern accessories essential for your pet’s care are available for purchase, ensuring an enjoyable, easy and happy family life with your pet. In ZOO PLANET shops you will find a vast assortment of internationally renowned  brands, such as PRO PLAN, ANIMONDA, SERA, BEAPHAR, TRIXIE, SAVIC, JUWEL, VITAKRAFT, etc. 

Employees at ZOO PLANET are dedicated to assisting you and helping you find the best products for your pet.



For our customers’ convenience, KIKA GROUP operates 70 specialized KIKA pet shops in Lithuania and 43 pet shops in Estonia.

Customers can buy everything their pet needs or wants at our stores. We offer many product lines – from everyday items to luxury goods. A wide variety of products ensures that you can get the highest-quality product for the best price. This also guarantees that your pet's needs are fulfilled which makes you and your pet happy.

KIKA sells a vast array of pets (dogs, cats, birds, rodents, fish, crabs, turtles and aquarium plants) with veterinary certificates. Come in to visit our pets and you may find a new companion!

In KIKA shops you will find a vast assortment of internationally renowned brands, such as PRO PLAN, ANIMONDA, SERA, BEAPHAR, TRIXIE, SAVIC, JUWEL, VITAKRAFT, etc.

Employees at KIKA are dedicated to assisting you and helping you find the best products for your pet.

Pet FOOD factory



Established in 2004 in Lithuania, AKVATERA is one of the leading pet food factories in Eastern Europe. We’ve earned our success through our use of advanced technology and a team made up of experienced pet food professionals. These assets allow AKVATERA to create a high-quality food for your beloved pet.

AKVATERA develops, manufactures and sells products to satisfy all pet needs. We offer dry extruded dog and cat food. Moreover, we deliver a premium line for pets with special needs. We also offer food for other small animals. Only at AKVATERA will you find the highest-quality pet food at a reasonable price, satisfying both you and your pet.

Pet food

Nature’s Protection

Nature’s Protection

NATURE`S PROTECTION - Super Premium complete dry and wet food for dogs and cats. Nature’s Protection - inovation of pet nutrition from nature.

NATURE’S PROTECTION products stand out thanks to the balance of natural raw materials and one special component, a unique mineral „MicroZeoGen“ which can help to detoxify pet’s body and improve absorption of nutrients.

NATURE’S PROTECTION - over a million unique loyal pets from more than 50 countries worldwide with their success stories and achievements that we are happy to share.

NATURE’S PROTECTION - team is constantly looking for challenges. It is important for us to create and refine the next generation solutions of nutrition based on efficiency and assessment of leading breeders. The highest-level experts of nutrition and recognized veterinarians help us to develop a vision for a better world for pets. We encourage to dream and make dreams come true.  

At NATURE’S PROTECTION, quality comes first. It is our core principle that is never compromised. Quality also comes into play in every aspect of our work from selecting only the finest ingredients for our products to the service we provide to our loyal customers.

About Us


The company’s history reaches back 24 years to when Janita Januškauskaitė began grooming dogs in order to earn her first paycheck. Her love for animals, friendliness, high-quality service and sincerity also earned her many loyal customers. This was an excellent start for a family-run business. Today the KIKA GROUP is a growing company with more than 470 committed employees who take personal responsibility for providing quality products and satisfying consumer needs. As a result of their hard work, five brands have been created: KIKA, AKVATERA, ZOO PLANET and NATURE’S PROTECTION. Started as a pet shop, the main focus of KIKA GROUP remains the pet market in which we maintain 70% of market share in Lithuania.


  • QUALITY is at the heart of our business. This includes the ingredients that we use and the products that we supply. Everything that we do is a sign of our focus on quality.
  • We understand and respect the unique nutritional needs of DOGS and CATS. 
  • In our daily work, we focus on the foreign market and adapting to its needs. We are constantly striving to understand consumers’ desires and responding to feedback in order to better fulfil our promises.
  • We understand that our employees are the company’s most important asset. We believe that only happy employees can satisfy our consumers’ needs.
  • We focus on results. We set targets, measurable goals and benchmarks within a clearly defined timeframe while assessing performance and milestones. 
  • We create partnerships with distributors and business partners that are based on honesty. We establish reliable and constantly evolving partnerships and treat each other with the dignity and respect found in true family values.
  • We are socially responsible and environmentally friendly.


Professional, innovative, leader in customer satisfaction (zoo area), improves the quality of life for the customer and his family members.


We are the top company for providing quality products and services.



UAB KIKA Group is a company that is constantly growing with about 470 employees. Common values and principles guide them in their work. Every employee assumes personal responsibility for the quality of the products and meeting consumer needs. We rely on our employees and, in return, delegate to them responsibility and independence. 

We create new jobs from time to time. Even if you do not see a potentially suitable vacant position, do not hesitate to send your CV to info@zooplanet.ee. We shall save your data in our database. Please specify the most suitable position / field of operations and location of employment.

Social responsibility

We care about our employees and create excellent career possibilities. We believe that continuous professional advancement for our employees will guarantee the company's  advancement. The company offers professional development opportunities  for  employees through workshops, courses, seminars, business trips and worldwide exhibitions.

We sponsor numerous sports and cultural events as well as social projects. We cooperate closely with the Lithuanian Cynological Society; we offer our assistance in arranging dog shows on the national and international level.

We are concerned about homeless pets which has prompted us to offer support to numerous animal charity organisations. We are involved in raising awareness about animal care and breeding issues through publishing educational booklets and leaflets and offering consultations with  animal owners. We also offer support in resolving the problems they may face. We strongly believe that our activities will help to reduce the number of animals who end up in the streets or with animal charity organisations. 


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